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Why Go Digital

  • Digital printing entirely eliminates the traditional limitation of number of colors being used in a design! Your design can virtually have "unlimited" number of colors.
  • You can now print any pattern that you would never attempt to do using the conventional methods before. You will have more possibilities to offer to your customers and more creating power.
  • There is no longer a repeat size limitation of 24", 25 1/4", 36", etc. Your design can be in any repeat size as long as it has a repeat.
  • Digital printing takes the "minimum printing quantity" concept out of our lives forever. We can print any quantity that you want.
  • There will be no more screen separation process required.
  • Digital printing does not require screens (flatbed or rotary) to print. No more screen costs or engraving costs are involved.
  • Digital printing eliminates screen registration concept, out-of-fit, overlapping and trapping issues entirely.
  • Digital printing presents color gradations in unseen smoothness, superb watercolor effects and color transitions.
  • Digital printing eliminates the common issues such as extensive drawing periods required in cad department for complicated designs, as well as multiple strike off attempts to achieve the desired results. Strike-off proofings are completed in a matter of a few weeks instead of months.
  • Digital printing will facilitate the increase in number of collections presented to the market with its quick turn-around capabilities.
  • No more engraver-to-engraver difference in the designs within the same group.
  • Printing is done directly from easily stored and transmitted digital computer files.
  • Incredibly more cost-effective in short-run printing.
  • Design corrections and modifications can be done without significant schedule delays and costs.
  • Reduces the risk of having an overrun or underrun dramatically.
  • You don't have to order 3000 yds per pattern and put it into your inventory in order just to have 50 yards of sample yardage.
  • Most importantly, it will give you the ability to pre-sell the product before investing on fabric. You can simply order as you sell.
  • Digital printing saves water and is environmentally friendly.
  • Our digital printing machines perform dye based printing which utilizes the dyestuff called "ink" and goes through the identical finishing procedure as conventionally printed fabrics. Thus, having the same physical and performance specs as conventionally printed fabrics; and it is washable.
  • We can print virtually on any kind of fabric made of natural or cellulose fibers; primarily on 100% cotton 20x20/60x60 quality fabric which is the most popular fabric in the quilting industry.
  • Our equipment is capable of printing up to 60" wide.