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What is Required ?

In order to be able to print your patterns digitally on fabric, all you have to do is to provide the following;

  • A high quality digital file of the design in true color prepared by using any graphic design software (i.e. Photoshop, Illustrator, etc) in minimum of 300 dpi resolution, TIFF file format and RGB color. The file can be transmitted on a compact disc or dvd or through any one of file transfer websites that you work with. (Please do not up the resolution of a low resolution file to make a 300 dpi file.)
  • A printed hard copy of the pattern which is required for color reference.
  • In case a printed legend is required on the fabric selvedge, it needs to be provided as a separate digital file.
  • The digital file of the design needs to have a seamless vertical repeat which can be in any desired size and a seamless horizontal repeat limited with the fabric width. In the case of panel prints, the design needs to be engineered to your requirements, including the spacing needed between panels.
  • Each color combination of any given pattern needs to be presented in its own digital file since every colorway is considered a separate design for the digital print machine.