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About Texpa

About Texpa


Texpa was established by Mr. Ahmet Gurler in 1999 as a textile products sourcing company. In prior years, he has worked as a professional in Textile Companies such as Fisher & Gentile, Mantero of America, Hi-Fashion Fabrics and Marcus Brothers Fabrics. He has brought his experience and professional devotion into his own company.


Texpa is the link between the textile wholesale companies in the U.S.A. and the textile factories overseas. Our mission is, to serve all of our customers' needs from greige goods to plain dyed fabrics; from printed goods to finished products; to ensure that their goods are produced to the highest possible quality standards; with timely deliveries and at a competitive price. We achieve this through our long years of import experience and strong bonds with our reliable trading partners.

We have long-established relationships with reputable textile plants throughout Southern Asia and Far East Asia; mainly within Japan, South Korea, China, Pakistan, India, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia which gives us a wide range of options, products and capacity.

We service the production needs of various markets ranging from, but not limited to, the home-sewing industry, the over-the-counter fabric departments of the retail chain stores and the home decoration industry. Texpa has built strong, long-term bonds with its clients and has consistently grown since its establishment as it helped in its customers' growth.


At Texpa, we take pride in offering excellent customer service, high quality, reliability, flexible production capabilities, quick turn-around times and competitive pricing. Our goal is to open up new horizons to our customers, always bringing the "new" to the market and thinking ahead.